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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No, see, the revolution was just never tried

In the previous post I noted that personality surveys are the easiest things in the world to game.  I closed with a link to an article on a college that decided to give applicants a survey on study skills, which is pathetically easy to game.  Well, just google the name of that school and "locus of control" (a psychological term related to what the school believes they will be measuring.)  See what you get:  Admissions coaches!  WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED THIS??!!11?1!?1!!????111!?

You cannot game your way out of advantaged kids gaming the system. By definition, the advantaged will out-game you.  Especially in an asymmetric game where the first mover loses their advantage by carving in stone the rules that the second mover can respond to and the first mover is bound by.

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