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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Seriously, guys, she's turning me into a Newt! Help! Help! I'm being transmuted!

Top of page 164:
Predictions of shortages of scientists and engineers occur with some frequency, despite evidence to the contrary. 
Later on that same page:
But getting egg on their face did not stop the forecast pundits.
Page 165:
Third, shortages are often predicted by groups who have a vested interest in atttracting more students to graduate school and into careers in science and engineering.
Wait, she thinks that people's pecuniary interests might affect their forecasts?  What is she, an economist or something?  Oh, right.

Page 168:
To quote the American Institute of Physics, "The proportion of new PhDs accepting postdoctoral positions has been a better job market indicator than the unemployment rate for PhDs, which is traditionally low and does not fluctuate a great deal."
AIP has always been good at putting out reliable statistical data.  The same cannot be said for APS.

Pages 168-169:
More generally, the proportion of new PhDs with definite plans to take a postdoc generally increases when the size of the graduating class increases, consistent with the idea that job market prospects are depressed due to an increase in supply.
She's just begging to be burned at the stake.

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