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I'm currently sort of reading Two New Sciences by Galileo; I may or may not get around to blogging about it.

I'm also sort of reading From Sight to Light: The passage from ancient to modern optics by A. Mark Smith. Again, I may or may not get around to blogging about it.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We have found a witch; may we burn him?

On pages 155-156, Hacker says that a country that is as unequal as ours cannot expect strong math performance across the board.  Usually people assume that success in STEM classes will fix inequality, but  Hacker dares to say that fixing inequality is what it would take to get more success in STEM.  That is about as heretical as an Imam drinking bacon-flavored vodka.  Then he goes on to question whether beating the rest of the world in math is even a valid goal.  Saying that in the current climate of higher education in America is like pissing on the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico.  Well done, sir.

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