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Sunday, May 1, 2016


In this morning's Los Angeles Times, there's an op-ed calling for the College Board to release detailed question-by-question data on the SAT.  The op-ed claims that this data is necessary to address questions about fairness and achievement gaps.  This is a fine thing to be concerned about, but before you let this op-ed push your buttons take a look at the author info at the end of the article:
Jay Rosner is the executive director of The Princeton Review Foundation.
I wonder why a test prep service would want detailed data on a test...

Mind you, there are plenty of good reasons why the world would benefit from more transparency in such a high-stakes matter as the SAT, and the pecuniary interests of the op-ed writer do not make the concerns any less valid.  However, it is important to be reminded that even righteous causes attract all sorts of people with financial angles.

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