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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I can already tell that I'll hate chapter 4

Chapter 4 opens by talking about This One School.  You know the one, it's That School Near A University.  Not just any public school near a university, mind you.  No, it's The One That Has A Special Partnership With The University.  It's the sort of school that gets NYT education articles and gets well-photographed in university brochures, as an example of Our Commitment To The Community.  See, if every school would just do what they do then everything would work great, so why don't they, huh?  Clearly it must be that nobody forwarded the other schools an email with a link to that NYT article.  I will forward this to the principal of the high school physically located on my university campus, and ask why more schools, like the ones that aren't convenient walking distance from me, don't just have Special Partnerships with universities.

OK, seriously, I'm two pages in, but I'm not sensing that this chapter will give me something that works for the other 99% of schools.  (Yes, the OWS reference is intentional.)

Well, she's famous, she teaches at an elite school, she doesn't teach freshmen, and she has a book deal.  All she needs now is a TED Talk.

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