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I'm currently sort of reading Two New Sciences by Galileo; I may or may not get around to blogging about it.

I'm also sort of reading From Sight to Light: The passage from ancient to modern optics by A. Mark Smith. Again, I may or may not get around to blogging about it.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

The future of admissions

A recent poll shows that the public strongly opposes affirmative action in college admissions. Of course, most people who work in colleges support some form of affirmative action, and for justifiable reasons.  Therefore, as I have discussed before, if we cannot take disadvantaged status into account  and simply give people an opportunity on the basis of their disadvantaged status, we will have to continue to insist that disadvantage doesn't actually lead to under-preparation or under-performance, and hence we will have to pretend that measures of performance and/or preparation don't really matter.

I wish we could just give a leg up to the disadvantaged instead of pretending that measures of book smarts mean nothing.

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